One of Jeremy’s ongoing projects is his personal website, The Renegade Coder. Currently, The Renegade Coder features over 120 articles covering introductory programming topics in Java and Python. Some of his favorites include:

In addition, The Renegade Coder contains more than 150 blog posts on topics like:

  • Teaching reflections
  • Industry frustrations
  • Life stories

Finally, Jeremy recently launched a YouTube channel where he supplements some of his articles with video.

In terms of code, Jeremy’s biggest project is the Sample Programs repository. As the name may suggest, the repository contains a collection of code snippets in as many programming languages as possible. Currently, the project features 604 code snippets, 491 forks, 334 stars, 245 contributors, and 161 languages.

Beyond that, Jeremy maintains several smaller projects including:

In addition, Jeremy has a few interesting projects from the past:

Speaking of data visualization, Jeremy has been toying with a few personal dashboards on Heroku:

Of course, all of these projects can be found on Jeremy’s GitHub profile.